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Trike Conversions - Cobra 1800

We are an authorized dealer, installer, and warranty provider for California Sidecar Trike Conversions. Check out the information below about the Cobra 1800 Trike Conversion...

FEATURES - For the Cobra Trike


3 year/50,000 mile limited warranty includes parts and labor on material and workmanship defects. Contact us for specific terms of the warranty.


Hands down, the most innovative suspension engineering design on the market! Based on Indy car technology, the COBRA features a vertically stabilized opposing rocker mono shock independent suspension, plus:
  • Purpose designed QA1 shock for the Opposing Rocker arm system
  • QA1 300Lb. linear wound racing spring designed to accommodate a loaded weight of up to 650lbs. inclusive of accessories, luggage, and passengers. (Lighter spring weights available)
  • O.E.M. electro hydraulic preload adjuster is retained for preload adjustment by the rider to compensate for varying loads


A custom cast & machined aluminum differential houses our purpose built proprietary ring and pinion. The driveshaft is machined from solid pre-hardened 4340 alloy steel. It is then nitrided for wear prevention and a final Electroless nickel plating is applied for superior corrosion resistance.

Power Trak 1800TM = Ultimate Performance
  • 4.5 degrees with 2.1" of trail reduction
  • Triple clamps cast and machined from A204-T4 aerospace quality aluminum
  • Steering stem is completely CNC machined from gun-drilled 1045 TG&P steel
  • Upper and lower tapered roller bearings and seals, exceeding OEM quality specifications

What makes the Power Trak 1800TM uniquely superior?
  • The lower triple clamp has been lowered slightly more than the OEM clamp in order to reduce fork tube flex
  • Dimensions of the lower triple clamp have been significantly increased, providing greater strength than the OEM cast steel lower clamp
  • No fork tube replacement necessary. Locations have been optimized for the COBRA trike ride height
  • Fork spring spacers increase the load-installed height of the spring to keep the front end from sagging due to added forward weight bias of a trike

How Does Power TrakTM work?

By extending the fork tubes and changing the angle of the triple clamps, we have reduced the trial which creates "easy steering without oversteering".

Disk Brake System

Truly masterful engineering went into the design of California Sidecar Trike's COBRA disc brake system and the result is confidence-inspiring braking performance. The brakes are completely integrated with the O.E.M Linked Braking System and we are the only trike manufacturer to offer full ABS integration.
  • Proprietary, patent-pending, CNC machined four-piston aluminum alloy brake caliper
  • 11.5" purpose-designed cast rotor
Wheels and Tires

The COBRA comes standard with 5-spoke Vision wheels with a sharp silver powder coat finish. Optional Chrome Wheel Upgrade available. The 205/60R15 Sigma Supreme All Season radial tires provide the highest level of performance and control in all riding conditions.

Superior Styling & Finish

The Cobra 1800 body features an aggressive, sleek style that perfectly complements the GL1800 Goldwing. The body is equipped with Honda taillights, halogen reverse lights, and rear chrome trim accent strip. Each painted body comes with the finest finish in the business.


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